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About us

History of Cooperative in Brief


The history of our cooperative started in 1957 when a group of handicapped people set up a "Handicapped People's Industrial Cooperative". Its original product range grew bigger and new product lines of different nature including various handicrafts were introduced.

This trend changed considerably in the second half of the 60s when the cooperative started reducing activities different from its key product line concentrating its focus on woodworking industry.


The production was transferred to Prosec where the space gradually extended. The 80s when the number of staff reached 300 represented a new phase in the life of the cooperative. Between 1980 and 1993 the company underwent a major facelift with all the premises being extended and modernised. Part of the Prosec production got specialised in woodworking and the other located at Krouna in the manufacture of cardboard.



To achieve top quality of our products we have modernised our equipment in recent years and found new customers locally as well as abroad. Our latest expenditure involved investing into the environment. We are proud to say that all legal regulations are being met.


At the moment we are concerned with the manufacture of small wooden objects and flat as well as corrugated cardboard. Our main aim is maintaining top product quality, respecting our customer and keeping our production environmentally friendly.